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To List? Or Not to List? That is The Question.

Something I have been hearing over and over again lately is that people are afraid to sell their home in the winter. "Oh, I'll wait to list my house until after the holidays". Or "We'll probably put our house on the market in the spring." When I ask them why the wait, I usually get the same answers. "No one is house hunting in the winter". "Kids are in school, who will move their kids mid school year?", "My house doesn't show as well in the winter". I'm sure whoever told you that was well-intentioned. But that's just not true!

Most people miss out on an entire season of marketing by waiting. You can't sell a home that isn't on the market, people! Usually in the winter, yes- it might seem like there are less interested buyers. However, they are usually more SERIOUS buyers. With fewer homes on the market, there is less competition due to less inventory.

Worried about the way your house will show? Make sure it is neat and tidy. Make sure the yard is clean of leaves or debris. Everything is properly lit. Snow is shoveled and removed. Walkways are clear. I suggest taking photos as early as possible for your listing (perhaps in the beautiful New England Autumn). The holidays are a great time to be festive and have your home looking its best. People will be able to visualize their own family celebrating the holidays in your house. The cold months make many of us want to cozy up and never leave the house. Don't let the cold prevent you from making the move (literally) to your next destination or dream home!

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