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Wallpaper is the Devil

Wallpaper is the devil. That is what I thought when we were house hunting. It wasn't that I couldn't see past the wallpaper when visualizing us in the house. I was DREADING the removal process. Although the trend is having a significant comeback of late, it just is not my style. Over the last year, we have removed wallpaper from every. single. room. in. this. house. 1970s wallpaper is not super easy to remove. What's underneath? Do you have drywall? Plaster? Only one way to find out! At one point, I contemplated just freaking throwing a match to the place (this thought crosses my mind a few more times throughout the renovation). However, after doing one room, we really got the hang of it! It didn't hurt too, that we have some AMAZING friends who came over for a wallpaper removing party. Fun fact, if you fill your friends with pizza and beer, they will help you with just about anything!

In short, wallpaper isn't the worst. Don't let it deter you from buying the house of your dreams and making it everything you want it to be. Take a look at the before and after of our kitchen nook. So drastically different. Try to have vision when shopping for your new home. Don't let small cosmetic changes make the decision for you.

See?? Do you smell that? Smells like progress people! If you are buying a new home and have the oh so gorgeous '70s floral wallpaper, need not fret! Click the link below if you need some guidance. Godspeed.

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